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Our team

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They say that, if you’re lucky, once or twice in your career you get the opportunity to lead a high performing team. The Open Door is such a team.

We are very good at what we do! (And modest you might say) but it’s not about ego for us – we are highly trained professionals who love what we do!

We invest in our learning and development and professional growth, just like we encourage you to do and we have created a workplace that people love, where we achieve great things together, we give each other feedback in the spirit of continuous improvement and we have fun along the way.

You need to work with a team of people who just “get it”! We understand the needs of executives, senior managers and their teams and HR professionals and L&D professionals because we have experienced what you have experienced in our past careers and through our clients every day.

So we are highly accredited coaches, all holding the coaching qualifications and ICF credentials.

We have business degrees and business experience across a range of industries, government and private sectors.

Across the team we have coaches who are accredited to deliver most of the key tools and profiles used by organisations including:

• Strengthscope
• Emotional Intelligence
• Story coaching
• Science of Happiness

There are plenty of letters after our names, but nothing is more important than the rapport, trust and confidence and partnerships that we create with our clients, that enables them to achieve the amazing results that they do.

Natalie Ashdown

Chief Executive Officer

Nick McEwan- Hall

State Manager Victoria

Sonya Sherman

Student Support and Administration Manager

Brigitte Calvert

Leaderhsip and Development Manager

Andrew Ashdown

Customer Service Manager